Blockchain-based healthcare management
WEB 3.0 MIT Project

MIT reinforces a decentralized healthcare data ecosystem that cannot be falsified based on WEB3.0 blockchain technology.

MIT Project Media

What is MIT?

It is a platform that creates personal health data as NFT through WEP 3.0 and provides it to companies that need it to exchange for corresponding value.

Personal Health Information NFT
MIT can hold or share healthcare data by making it a valuable NFT asset.
decentralized data
The NFTized health data is not stored in the centralized server of a specific business operator, but is directly owned and managed by the individual.
MIT shared platform
It is a digital healthcare platform that shares generated healthcare data NFTs with medical institutions, new drug development, insurance companies, etc. and receives corresponding compensation.

Why MIT is Necessary

Personal information of medical institutions is stored on a centralized server, leading to hacking and leakage of information sales.

General Hospital Cyber Defense ISAC subscription rate

A very low ISAC subscription rate of 8% to 20 out of 256 general hospital subscriptions

Increase rate of hacking in medical institutions

The number of hacking reports increased 65.3% from 418 in 2019 to 640 in 2021

1/3 of all data breaches
in the healthcare industry

MIT COIN Mission

MIT NFT users can receive compensation by preventing exposure of personal health information and providing data to companies and research institutes that need it.

Distributed Data Processing Hub
It is the first decentralized data processing hub capable of generating personal healthcare data as NFTs on the blockchain and performing various API functions.
On-off-chain bridge
The goal of MIT's global project using decentralized human health data is to connect the off-chain healthcare community.
advanced technology
Although similar projects are currently on the market, MIT's coverage of such "all-round plug-ins" is more comprehensive than the existing market.
medical advancement
MIT presents a new paradigm for the medical system by utilizing WEP 3.0.

MIT COIN Features

Human Data NFT
Users can create their own NFTs through MIT for personal health care, new medical systems, new drug development, and medical services.
The Paradigm of the Medical System
MIT offers the Human Data NFT to further encourage healthcare professionals to pursue their ideal freedom of care.
AI and Big Data
Enables big data companies or AI companies to obtain information and produce results for healthcare through NFTs provided by individuals.
MIT metaverse
It consists of four parts: DAPP, Donor Network, Acquisition Solution, and MIT DAC. In the future, a governance metaverse infrastructure will be built.


MIT Token Details

Based on TRX listed on global exchanges. Block Deal 10%, BNB-based deposit on the listed exchange after the start of the Block Deal, additional volume locked up for 3 months.

MIT COIN basic information
Total issues: 720 million(720,000,000)
TRX, BNB (360 million each)
Circulation : 35% *As of December 13, 2022
distribution status

holding company 10%


sales 10%


fund 7%


Community 10%


user incentive 55%


Burn 8%



Feb 2022

Established MiningNFT (MIT) Foundation

  • Established MiningNFT (MIT) Foundation
Aug 2022

business model

  • MiningNFT completes the business model design of all NFTs
Aug 2022


  • Issuance of MiningNFT TOKEN
Sep 2022

Global Exchange Top Listing

  • Global Exchange Top Listing
Dec 2022

additional listing

  • Promotion of listing on large global exchanges
Feb 2023

Metaverse Setup

  • Metaverse Setup
Mar 2023

DAPP development

  • MIT DAPP / MIT solution development completion
  • Donor Network / MIT DAC Development Completed

MIT Team & Operator

Liam Sun CEO

National University of Singapore EMBA Master

Biomedical Advanced Engineer (Professor Level)
Singapore Temasek Holdings Advisor
Vice President, Southeast Asia Hospital Information Association

Daniel Li CFO

Stanford University Master of Economics
Former CFO of QTUM Foundation  

Ethan Jones CMO

Doctor of Biotechnology, California Institute of Technology
Former CMO of Blockchain Labs

Taew Jirayungyurn COO

Thailand Chulalongkorn University Master of Sociology Thailand Blockchain Association Secretary General&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp  

Kim Taewon CTO

Master's degree in Semiconductor Engineering, Korea University Former Korean branch manager of the WOP Foundation SINSO Technical Advisor 


PhD in Socioeconomics, National University of Singapore
Singapore Blockchain Association Chairman
Professor, National University of Singapore
Visiting Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Visiting Professor at Peking University, China

Park Youngho ADVISOR

President of the Korea-China-Japan Economic and Cultural Exchange Association
Korea Camping Caravan CEO
Korea Camping Caravan Hongcheon CEO
Forest.Jico.Imagine.Caravan Asia General Manager
victoria's secret invitation

MIT Partner & investor

MIT Partner

MIT Partner

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